How to move on from someone who was part of your life everyday & night 😔😓💔?

I can't stop breaking down in tears. It's as though I'm grieving a death , not a breakup. Suddenly you are alone without them. How can I stop missing him?


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  • There is no magic bullet. You'll move on when you are ready, be kind to yourself and confide in friends and family. A good support structure will help you to start the healing process.

    • Problem is I don't have anyone I can talk to 😔I think that's why I sit at home after work , and cry all night 😢

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    • Thank you for most helpful guy.

    • Your kind nature comforted me so thank you

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  • You are grieving a death. A relationship ending is a huge deal. It takes time to heal a heart boo. No magic fix. Just do this. Make a list of what was good about the relationship and what wasn't. With a realistic image of how the relationship really was and no pretending admit what u learned from the relatiinship. Be thankful for that and from that point on just try not to think about them. Its ok if u do but just try not to

    • I'll try doing that tonight. I'll make a list. I appreciate your advice. Thank you

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    • Do u think he would give you closure of u said u needed it to move on? Even if he was brutally honest he owes that to u, to kno y things went wrong

    • I do think I'd cope better if I had an honest answer because so many reasons as to why are coming into my head.

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  • Mate, I know how you feel. i have crap friends and my boyfriend broke up with me recently when buying a house. All I can say is it takes time and you need to find a focus. Don't go on the rebound as it won't work. I am completing an exam at the mo then plan to get into fitness. Xx

    • Thank you

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    • I'll do that. Thank you

      Do you think all the time I was with him his feelings were fake? How can someone just change over night so quickly?

    • Erm, I'm not sure how long you were together, why you broke up or anything so it's hard to judge lol xx

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