Is it wrong to want a relationship not based on sex?

Pretty much, I've never been in a relationship that's lasted longer than a week or two because I feel that sex is something that should wait until both people are ready. Or until you find someone you truly care for. However, the few girls I've dated in the past ended up leaving me because they thought it was an excuse to not sleep with them, and think I find them to be unattractive, which isn't correct.

Am I wrong for thinking that a relationship can be built on more than just sex, or have I just had bad luck when it comes to relationships?


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  • I don't think this is wrong. It's what you believe, and people should respect that. If you're dating a girl you like, I would just make it clear from the start that you want to wait to have sex until you're ready. If you say this from the start, you weed out the one's who want early physical contact that you're not ready for. Don't go against what you believe in. It's just important that you tell the girls, because they'll end up thinking it's they're fault. Ie. I'm ugly, he doesn't like me, and so forth. Girls are brutal on themselves. Trust me I'm one. Good luck

    • I'll try this next time!

      And I could be overthinking this, but if I mention it from the start, is it possible that she'll think I'm only thinking about sex? Or would I have to word or phrase it a certain way? In the past it never came up right as we've started dating and only did when we came close to actually having sex.

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  • i think its good for a relationship to not revolve around sex, but its still part of the relationship. just because the relationship shouldnt be based on the bedroom doesn't mean it needs to be complely avoided. sex lets each other know you think they;re atractive and want to be close(:


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