Mini rant / over think everything?

huh, sometimes I just need someone to talk to about whats in my mind. I don't ready have that at the moment which sucks. I guess it's seen as a burden just to have a listening ear for a person who needs it. But anyways here's my question, is there anyway I can stop over thinking things? I over think everything from my behavior to how others view me and I'm just tired of caring. so is there a way?


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  • over thinking things im still struggling with, but the how others view me and my behavior i decided i was done playing by others rules and just did what i wanted, i wanted to be myself and was scared to be. it's better to live your life for yourself over wondering what others think. I've lost people i thought were my friends but i've gained some pretty amazing ones


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  • Many people tend to overthink and make assumptions. ( I'm guilty of this at times 😳)

    It can destroy relationships and friendships. Plus, it's toxic to your own mental state too. When you overthink and make assumptions you end up creating a problem that wasn't there in the first place.

    To prevent yourself overthinking too much, you need to work on trying to change your outlook and way of thinking .

    When you start to overthink analyse your own thoughts at that particular moment:
    Ask yourself why you think that way... is it true or is it just your own pereception of the situation etc. Just because you perceive it to be true , it doesn't necessarily mean it is.

    You could try self-help by checking out some good reputable websities about cognitive behaviour therapy. The sites can provide the info and " tools" you need to help change your negative thinking into positive. Applying it in your life everyday will help you to make changes in your own thought processes.

  • If you need, feel free to pm me, I have a listening ear :)
    I totally understand where you're coming from about the over thinking, in fact, I've been categorized by a psychologist as an 'excessive ruminator' (someone who overthinks basically) and it's tough.
    As for doing something about it, you've really got to be aware of your thoughts and catch the repetitive thinking, to make an attempt to derail the pattern. It's really hard to do, and takes a lot of effort, but hopefully you'll get there eventually.
    I also have a question for you, by any chance do you have anxiety as well?

    • thank you so much I really needed that : ) and yes I do have anxiety : (

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    • I figured because anxiety I still something I'm struggling with in life but as it got better I stopped worrying as much : ) and thanks I will message you! 😊

    • That's good, and yeah they definitely go hand in hand :) awesome, look forward to it!

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