How can I win his heart back again ?

okay well I still love my ex boyfriend and I wrote him a message long time ago how much I still love him and he feels the same but he was with some other girl and that hopefully we can be together in the future and oh yeah I found out this girl likes him too so I told him about her he was like yeah she likes me and I do too but I will chose you over her , but now they go out . so I'm so confuse and I know he still likes me but eh , I how could I win him back ?


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  • I'd say let nature take its course. Guys don't always know what they want, and because of that, they'll convey messages that don't always make sense to the females they're involved with. If he truly loves you, then he wouldn't be with the girl he's with now. It's always one thing to say "I love you", and a totally different thing when those three words are put into action. If you truly believe that he loves you, then I'd say give him time to let his heart and mind align to the point where being with any other woman but you isn't an option...


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