Girls, What are your feelings after a break up with a good guy, that was your best boyfriend?

Say you broke up with him just because it wasn't the right time or life complications.

What are you thing during the break up process?

do you try again down the road?


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  • The only reason I'd end a relationship with a guy who I loved and who was my best friend , is if there was infidelity on his behalf, or if I was was the only one fighting to make the relationship last

    Challenges and obstacles should be an opportunity to show your love is stronger than the challenges you both face. If he loved me He'd be fighting with me. I shouldn't have to fight alone


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  • I'm actually in a similar situation. I didn't do the breaking up though but I believe the time just isn't right. It's still very fresh as we broke up 2 weeks ago.

    I think during a break up it's the time to focus on you and get whatever help you might need. If you really want the relationship to work and for all the right reasons (respect, trust, love etc) then the best gift to anyone is the best version of you. I would reach out down the road once your conscious is clear and you have reflected on the relationship as a whole and yourself. Both parties need space, especially if it was a timing issue and not because someone betrayed the other.

    I'm trying to follow my own advice but I also have the tendency to overthink and get anxiety so it clouds my logic.

    • My break is somewhat fresh we've been apart for coming up on a month. Been NC for 3 weeks. When we broke up we didn't talk for like 2 1/2 weeks then we hung out one night had sex and just chilled. Two days later we go out to dinner and in the car I see her starting at me telling me I look really good. Got to dinner she was saying how much she missed me and that she still loves me a lot adding that she is not interested in anyone else. Dinner went really well. When I dropped her off she was all over me kissing and hugging. She was so happy. The next day she text me saying "everything I said at dinner was true I just need time. I can't even understand myself right now, I will call you Sunday I promise. I love you goodnight" next morning she text me saying "I can't do this anymore" and stuff. I texted her happy birthday on her birthday I got no response. I know she still has feelings for me. I'm sure she isn't dating. What do you think about this situation?

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