How do you get over the pain of being cheated on?

i was with my boyfriend for 4 years when i found out he cheated om me, it was around the same time i found out i was pregnant.. im now 8 weeks away from having our baby and still finding it hard to move forward, little things trigger me to think about it all over again and i find myself getting angry and resentful as if it happened all over again. i dont want to be like this, but im really having trouble with it.. how can you forgive what still hurts? i really do try to act like im ok, to move forward with him, but sometimes it just seems like i will never heal!


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  • It sucks he cheated on you and it wasn't right. It will be hard to forget something like that. I think everybody deserves second chances and Just as long he doesn't do it again and has apologized and made it up to you then hopefully it will make it a little better to forgive him. Maybe with more time you will get over it. It's hard because you have a baby with him.


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  • Was the cheating physically or emotionally? Like did he just have sex with the girl with no feelings or was he actually having a relationship behind your back? You gotta sit down and talk to your partner about it what made him want to do it. 4 years is a long time and specially the fact that you're having a child he should really decide if he wants to be in your life or no. If he choose to stay with you He should understand that it will be very hard to trust him but trust is earned and he has to try very hard to keep you and your baby in his life and you should talk to him about it.. Give it another couple of months to a year if you see no changes maybe you guys should break up but still stay friends just for the sake of your baby

    • thanks... it was with a prostitute, so no emotional connection, although that to me is worse seeing as he had no reason to really cheat beside the fact his mate wanted to go there...

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  • time will take you through, you can overcome it by letting it off, concentrating on other things and stop thinking about it.

  • You need to accept that he cheated because you weren't doing your job of pleasuring him. You need to work on yourself. Learn everything he likes and deliver. Also, don't let him go more than a day without sex. Good luck!

    • he could have had it anytime he wanted... i NEVER rejected him so thats completely untrue that i wasn't doing my part. he went to a brothel with a friend.

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    • WHAT THE F**K? that is the stupidist thing i have heard. it IS cheating. if your in a monogamous relationship and you have sex with someone else its CHEATINGGGG! lol wether you pay for it or not has nothing to do with it.
      so if your partner had sex with someone else but she paid for it you would be ok with that? pfft! thats absolutely ridiculous.

    • It's different for men

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