Does the no contact rule apply?

My ex and I dated for 1 year and 3 months. When we broke up at first it was just a "temporary break" for us to work on ourselves, however it became more permanent. Months later he told me it was because I didn't care about what he wanted anymore, but I don't understand how he could have thought that... He was always my highest priority...All I wanted was to make him happy. Now a year and a month has gone by and I still can't get him out of my head. I've tried dating other people but it feels WRONG. When we broke up, I handled it badly (calling him, texting him, telling him I loved and missed him, etc). Anyways, this continued for months with a few weeks in between each incident. The last incident ended with him saying "In a nutshell, I don't love you anymore. Don't want to be with you. Never want to be again..."

After the break up, he didn't answer my texts or anything, even after we had become civilized. And he now avoids me like the plague, even though I have been nothing but nice to him for many months now. I know I pushed him away, and I have acknowledged e mistakes I made and changed in many ways, but I fear he will always remain stuck on the person used to be. He made mistakes as well, I know that I cannot take the entirety of the blame.

I am using the no contact rule to try and move on (26 days), and if he comes back then that'd be great... but I am just wondering guys, what are my chances of his coming back? After hurting each other so much, is there any hope that he might realize what he lost and forgive me as I have him? Does the no contact rule apply when he doesn't want you back?


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  • Takes time to get over an ex, you won't forget them completly. Its harder if you remain friends, and have contact, hard to move on and be commited to the new relationship you are in and you hope or would be tempted to hook up with him/her, even if its casual or fwb, not healthy.

    Hes moved on, you havent, you can't make someone want to be with you, love you or be with you...after a year highly unlikely...try and move on...


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  • "what are my chances of his coming back?" Zero. That's not even a logical question.

    "What are his chances of coming back?" If he's your age -1.


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  • Your under 18. You'll forget sooner than later. There are no rules when you are this age just don't stay stuck on one guy because when you move schools, there will be lots more to choose from and hopefully the ex sees that your getting all this attention (it will hurt his ego). Oh yea back to there being no rules the other thing to remember; is not to get knocked up, or you just basically screwed your way out of your youth, literally.

    Ok in all honesty the no contact rule always applies. There are no exceptions on the no contact you either talk to them or you don't. Trying to contact them and having no success will only push that person further away. You want to make the break up easier on the both of you, not harder. Good luck.


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