Was the breakup really my fault?

My ex and I were dating for 2 years. He and I recently broke up because he claimed I was too sensitive and too affectionate. Those moments I was too sensitive is when I would ask him why he pulled away when I went to grab his hand, when I asked why he always rejeted me when I invited him out or when I asked why he only wanted to see me once every 2 weeks. I could never understand why he would do these things if i was suppose to be his girlfriend. Me being too affectionate was when i would randomly give him a hug or a kiss because he inspired me too by just being himself at the moment. Those were his issues with me and I am baffled by the whole thing. Whats your opinion?


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  • He wasn't the guy for you.. Lame excuse ( too sensitive and too affectionate )

    • Thanks For MHO 💖💚💙💜🌹

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  • No, it wasn't. You did the typical things that anybody in a healthy relationship would do. Chances are he either didn't want something as serious or you two simply weren't compatible when it came down to what you wanted out of the relationship.

    Good riddance if you ask me.


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  • He is not a affectionate type of guy and he can't handle your sensitive side
    here i am a sensitive type of guy and very affectionate and always get girls
    who are the opposite my opinion this is not your fault at all he is just the
    type of guy who will always be this way not much you can do.
    Nope , your break up was not at all your fault but this is just a guy
    who seems not to be compatible with you and what you like or need
    for in a loving relationship. My opinion you made the right choice.


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  • I'm sorry honey but be just didn't want to be with you... let it go. The heartbreak will fade eventually.

  • Not your fault, no. Just sounds like you two were too different when it came to showing affection, whether or be the frequency or the way you did it. Take a look at the 5 Love Languages, it'll help draw a broad view on the differences in way people express love. What you do sounds totally normal to me, honestly if he's like that it sounds like he either is VERY stoic, or he just really wasn't that into you.. either way, it'll be much better for you to find someone who is receptive to the way that you express yourself. It's not your fault, and don't change what you do, it doesn't sound like too much to ask for as a girlfriend to want some affection back.


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