Help my ex boyfriend won't leave me alone. And now that I blocked him because of constant harassment he's now harassing my friends and family?

My ex won't stop calling and now he's threatening me and my friends over some DVDs I don't have. I've blocked him but he won't stop calling or texting he's using other numbers to get my friends to answer I have tried to tell him to stop but he starts screaming at me and I can't deal he's now threatening to take me to court so I can't leave state I lost my place and he was living with me when I had to leave he told me it would be over if I went to stay with my bestie who lives 2 hours away. Had no place and he was living with me now he's demanding that I need to bring him the stuff I don't have in person it's not an engagement ring it's just a lamp sticks and DVDs that I bought I left with a backpack full of clothes if he didn't get the stuff from my uncle it's not my fault he's 5mins from my uncles and stays the night I'm not there and I need to know what to do to stop the harassment.


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  • If you really want him away call the police file an official report, file harassment suit and restraining order against him. Call you celll phone provider ask them to block that number. Contact your family and lei them know the situation. Good luck.

  • Call police. Get a restraining order. If he violates it, which he will, he will go to jail.


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