Girls, Would you reject / break off with a guy?

Because he was excessively hairy guy?
Does he being excessively hairy matter so much that you would reject him if relationship is in initial stages and dump him if already dating?
By EXCESSIVELY hairy I really mean excessively hairy like a bear.


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  • I mean, if he's human then no I guess.-- That won't stop me from calling him a yeti or big-foot though.

    • He is a human male for sure.
      Why do you even say this that if he is a human?
      So you would call him names and poke fun if him to embarrass him?

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    • His excessive hairiness won't sexually repulse you?
      Would you ask him to at least shave off some parts to look compatible to you?

    • I personally don't exactly care much for sexual activity in the first place, so, I might not be the person you're looking for to answer. And no, only if I suspected he might get heat-stroke or if he catches himself on fire often.

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  • No I would just tell him to shave or at least trim the hair


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