Why is everyone thoughts diffent when it comes to ex bf/gf?

I hear these top 4. thoughts often
1. move on
2. Fuck exes
3. if you think of your ex then your not ready to date anyone.
4. it depends on weather or not it was a good or bad relationships etc jhow long u known the person before
from older people i hear
1. move on
2. it fades over time
3. If it ment to be then it will happen
4. if you truly love the person then no matter what you do.. you will always think about them from time to time.. it just won't hate anymore.
5. some ex's stuck with you for life even more so the good ones.
when ever anyone speaks about a ex you can never get any good advice since everyone has a diffent story i feel. But i think the best advice is to let go.. heal find someone else and if tbag person does come back then you gotta make a choice. For example my new girlfriend is perfect andi mean operfect but she doesn't compair to how my ex made me feel no one does. But i would never leave my new girlfriend for my ex becuase she pass every test of mine with flying colors and i do love her.. but she just doesn't make me feel the way my ex did I don't know why. With my ex what i felt was the move bs i thought waa fake and people over hyped up.
Why is everyone thoughts diffent when it comes to ex bf/gf?
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