Have you ever broken up with a significant other you didn't think you would ever broke up with? or the other way around?

My new girlfriend is a lot more mauture then my ex girlfriend and has passed every test my ex failed to pass. Just like my ex girlfriend parents her parents didn't want us dating but for diffent reason which my girlfriend gina shut her parents down fast when they tried getting in between us... while my ex girlfriend just cired and blamed our forcd broke up on me. If am being 100% honest i had more emotion feels for my ex then i do my current girlfriend but shs just makes me happy as hell, i love her and she understands me she super mature for her age. The only down side to my current girlfriend is she doesn't want kids. i dont see us ever broken up for any reasons other then that.. but i thought the same thing with my ex girlfriend. So guest am just worried ill go through lther nasty break up and lose another best friend


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  • In all honesty, when I look back at previous relationships I always had warning signs from the start and things I felt icky over. My current boyfriend is the only guy I've truly looked at and thought "he's the one". So to answer your question, no. I haven't broken up with someone where I can say I thought they were the one.

    As for your situation, if she doesn't want kids but you do, you'll HAVE to reconsider this relationship. So many people waste their time in relationships where they know a partner has such different life goals than them and want opposite things. Not wanting kids is a pretty huge deal if you do.

    • I see what you mean with my ex girlfriend her parents were a very big problem from day one and are the reason am no longet with her now even through i thought we get married 1 day still think of her sometimes too. With my new girlfriend i dont see how we would broke up besides that she perfect and this is the best relationshipni ever had.. also the only girl to make me feel something since my girlfriend. The last girl before the current one was bad she cheated on me and i forced myself to date her can't blaming the first ex pauline for my lack of feels for the 2rd ex linda and a few others. But my current girlfriend was the cure as my best friend she made my life better.. but as a girlfriend she just makes think easy for me. She said she may change her mind one day but I don't know if she ever will

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