Ex girlfriend angry at me for no reason?

we haven't talked for the past 2 months and did nothing to her to make her angry at me.


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  • We get like that when our tactics don't go our way. Who broke up with who? Because I have read many threads where girls break up with the guy and then get mad that he does not fight for their love... or some high school stuff like that.

    • she broke up with me because she liked my friend and yea they never got into a relationship because my friend didn't like her in a romantic way.

    • Then she's just bitter. Smile back regardless. This is payback.

  • How do you know she's angry at you if you haven't talked to her?

    • the expression on her face.

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    • also, she's been like very close to me when I talk with my friends and she's like a foot away sometimes. like almost if she's trying to see what I'm doing with my friends.

    • Unless she's trying to actually talk to you, you can't assume anything by the distance she is standing or how she looks at you. It's not enough

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  • I'd move on if that happens. Too needy for me as I would hate being the center of the universe of my SO.


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