Confused, does she really want our relationship back?

Been in a relationship for several years. One day she told me something that was like a knife in my heart. Long story short, I blew up, said some things I now regret. I think I've never been so harsh with her before. She left (we never lived together) she sent some txts over the couple of days and I either didn't respond or my answers were short. Then it was 4 months before I heard from her again. She asked me to breakfast I did miss her so I went. I apologized for being so hard on her and explained why I reacted like I did. We talked about getting back together then she said she wants to be friends for now and see how it goes. What does that mean? We've been in constant contact for 4 weeks and she's still undecided. Does she really want me back? And if so, how can I speed up the process? If that's possible.
Confused, does she really want our relationship back?
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