What is he thinking? Any idea what is going on in his head?

My ex and I broke up over a month ago. We were together for nearly 4 years. We broke up because he had 'lost feelings for me and didn't see a future together' I did 30 days no contact but his mum and I kept in touch. I blocked him on facebook and never got in touch with him in any way. Around day 28 she told me that he has asked to talk to her and told her that he has been wanting to text me but thought he shouldn't as I blocked him on facebook and that he has been thinking about me so much 'the past week or so'.
This gave me courage to message him after the NC period last Wednesday. I just messaged him casually saying i've logged in to a game that we used to play and it made me think of him and was wondering if he played. He replied saying he hasn't played it either and asked me if i wanted to play (i couldnt at the time due to wifi) and we went on to exchanged a couple more texts. I said I missed playing the game and he said he missed it too but he doesn't want to play it without me as it wouldn't be the same. I replied after that but he just disappeared and didn't read my message until the next day even though he has been online a couple of times. He never replied my message after that.
I got ill and was sent to hospital on Saturday and i posted a story on snapchat.. he saw it messaged me asking if im ok and if i have a bad fever.. again we exchanged a couple of messages then he disappeared again without reading my last reply.. Then again after a couple of days (monday) he saw that i have left hospital and sent me a message asking if im back home. I waited then replied on Wednesday, he didn't go online until Friday but he didn't even open my message to read it.
I dont understand what he is thinking, I thought he missed me and would be wanting to talk but he's being so weird. He asks me stuff in the msgs so he must know I would reply, then why ignore and not even read them? also noticed he has been much less active on his phone lately.. what is going on in his head?
would appreciate if some guys could provide some insight


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What Guys Said 1

  • Don't waste your time worrying about that stuff focus on you and what you can do

    • but ultimately i still want to see if we have a chance to get back together.. so i dont really konw what i can do about him :/

What Girls Said 2

  • What a weirdo

  • He seems busy

    • he's not.. he works 9-5 mon to fri then that's pretty much it..

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