Guys, Just need some advice?

Hi about a month and a half ago my now ex boyfriend and I had a huge fight. I want to travel and he doesn't. He just started getting angry and I had enough. He always picks fights with me so I said if your not happy get out. He said its not like that. So I said I want to move forward and move on and you don't even know if you like me. So just get out and leave. Well he never responded for 3 days so finally I was like whats up. End of the day he sent me a big long text saying he was sorry and he was done. I told him I hated him and how could he do this. He just stopped responding. Broke up with me over a text. So a couple days later I sent a closure letter. He sent one back immediately. Said how great I was and nothing negative and that we want 2 different things. Said he still missed me and has been sick all week from the stress. Said he hoped we can still be friends and when time passes have a coffee. I never replied. A month passed and I sent him a text as I am going to South Africa by myself for a month and that is where he is from so just wanted some clarification on some stuff. I asked how he was doing and he said he was just okay. Wrote a big long essay on helpful stuff for south africa. I never told him I was going to Africa about this and seemed like he already knew. He told me to be safe as he still worries about me and if I run into any problems to contact him and his family would help me. Are conversation ended there. Its now been 3 weeks since then. Is he confused? Can I still be friends? I know I deserve better.
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I also forgot to mention he still lets me use his netflix and hasn't said anything. We also met on a dating site and I signed back on after we broke up and saw his old profile there. He never deleted it but didn't look like he went on it but a week ago I noticed he just up and deleted it. Kinda weird to just up and delete it a month and a half after we broke up?
Guys, Just need some advice?
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