Do I Give Up On Him?

There's this boy I really like so I plucked up the courage to tell him, he told me that he really liked me to, but He's been through some bad relationships recently so doesn't know if He's ready for a relationship. So I don't know what to do. do I carry on liking him even though it may be a waste of time or do I just give up. Or is there a way I can show him that I'm not like the others and I'm not gonna hurt him. Thanks :) ?


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  • i think that if he really likes you, then he would wait till he's ready for a relationship. I also think that you should show him that you wouldn't hurt him and that because you really like him, you would be different. so in other words, you shouldn't give up just because he is hurt, you should wait. hope this helped

    • Thanks :) x

    • Just as a side note, if you ask 1000 women if they would ever cheat most would say no... a lot of them are lieing, don't tell tell him you wouldn't hurt him. show him you wont..and this takes time..:)

    • Yeahh o suppose that's true, but I like him so much that I wouldn't even think about cheating but I never know what's gonna happen in the future :| how can you show someone that you are not gonna hurt them x

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  • run away. Guys who aren't over there exes yet and bad news and you will end up being the one that gets hurt, not him. I know this because so many of my girl friends have dated guys with ex issues. Also frequently when guys say they "aren't ready for a relationship" it just means they "aren't ready for a relationship with YOU"

    • He is over his ex but she just fuked him around so he don't know if he can trust right now. but why would you tell someone that you really like them but don't want a relationship with them :|

    • Someone has said that to one of my friends before. He did really like her, but not quite as romantically as they may have originally thought. Guys change their minds like girls change clothes. Not saying this is exactly true for you...but just don't believe every thing that comes out of a guys mouth.

    • Ok thanks x

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