Please help my girlfriend of three years left me for another guy? What should I do? Answer after seeing the details please? really appreciate the advice?

evn though my sisters, brothers, mom, dad and my aunts were unhappy about as they used to say “she isn’t the right girl for you, her family background is messed up"i didn’t listened to them and loved her at my best and she somewhat started discarding me after her friends started a rumor about her nude pics i defended her and said pretty bad things to her friends and after that i heard her say to her friends that “he’s crazy, i can't ruin our friendship for him” when i came to know about this she said she didn't what she was saying and was confused that who was right then she used to text her ex boyfriend she always says tht im doubting her all she shared was her past relationships being messy and her parents whom never gave her that much attention even though my father and her birthday comes on same day i didn’t go at my dads and threw her a big surprise party gave her a ‘gold ring’ as a promise ring i’ve always gave her my first priority even though we had fight i was the who ended up saying sorry she always used to talk about his best friend of 6years even when we chat she always texted him first saying he’s my best friend he knows me well more than you and she often used to say this“i’m different for him and different for you, i can share with him freely which i can’t share with you he’s just my best friend” she fighted with me many times for that guy although i tried to change everything, gave her many hand written letters, took on her date many times she never took a pic of us together she takes it rarely, always stay silent when we’re together, i did told her many times whats on you mind the only answer i get from her is “nothing” i was pressurized by her this behaviour I've started having curiosity, questions in me and i attempted a suicide, barely survived and 2 days after when gain consciousness and checked my cell for her text she said”it’s over, you where never worth, fuck off never show me your face ever again”2 days after the breakup she’s with that guy


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