Is this a good way to get my ex girlfriend back?

We broke up because she lost interest. It was a 2 year relationship. I mentioned how I had a date coming up and she was asking for her name and stuff so I know she still cares. I'm trying to pretrude myself as busy so I ignore her and stuff so she can come back. But she gets pissed calling me a douche and how she hates me... She try's messaging guys and going out, she blocked me on all social media. Except Instagram because that's where we're talking.

she said she doesn't want a relationship because she's going to college next year but if if she loves me again then she would change her mind and go to a local college. Anyways, how can I get her back? She' even caught feelings for another guy but he ****ed her over. We got back together for a week and I treated her with respect and stuff but it only lasted a week until she ended it because she found out I was getting nudes while we weren't together lol. What should I do? Should I try acting civil and go from there? I want to do NC but she will eventually hang out with other guys and do stuff. When she was into me, she was 100% loyal. Help please
Is this a good way to get my ex girlfriend back?
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