I went through a break up, and I need help making sense of something?

My ex said to me before she blocked and cut ties with me (I didn't even get to say goodbye 😞), "There are certain feelings I'm missing in this relationship."

What the hell does that mean?
Is it code?
Is there something she's not telling me?
Is it what it is?
Am I just paranoid as fuck?

I need help bad!


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  • Thank you for Sharing, @AllySmoo, and I am So Sorry for this Heartbreaking Breakup. It happens to the Best of the Rest, Sad but so True.
    I believe She is Feeling that with your Relationship, which I am Certain She had Been Showing you Certain Signs at that Time, there is Something "Missing" from this Relationship that Cannot seem to be Pieced in with you both, and Along with the Miss, not Much More Feelings for even A... Kiss.
    Give her time and space now to try and Sort things out. She may be in Contact with you again, come out of the Wood Work to Say "Hi," but Problem is, she Cannot be Trusted Anymore to just slam the Door.
    Focus on you now, Lick your War Wounds and Concentrate on what is Most important in your own Life of Strife.
    Good luck and With Time, it gets Easier. xx

    • Thanks so much

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    • Thank you for the Like, hun. xx

    • Thank you, hun, for the Vote of Confidence. xx

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  • She probably didn't feel loved by you or just didn't feel love for you.

    • Well, I was more lovey-dovey than her to be honest so it would have to be her

    • Plus, I know why now; she contacted me on Skype so I understand why she did what she did

  • People sometimes block people they care about in a rash decision , because they feel hurt for whatever reason. They react from their negative emotions.

    It's difficult to know for sure , it's ambiguous really. She could mean she doesn't feel fulfilled in the relationship, because her feelings for you aren't as strong as yours. Or she could mean you don't feel as strong for her as she does for you. I'd assume the latter though due to her blocking you

    • Your right about it being the latter, except it's the other way around; I was the lovey-dovey one haha

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