Best revenge on an ex boyfriend?

What's the best revenge.. Doing better? Success? Looking better? What's the best thing to do after breakup when your ex has broke your heart broken you as a person and made you feel HORRIBLE!!!


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  • I agree with what everybody else has said but I'd like to add this suggestion: really treat this as a learning experience. If someone makes you mad, it be in a relationship, at work, at the coffee shop; try to imagine what kind of a person you'd have to be to have it not affect you negatively, or at least not for very long.

    I'm a musician and a while ago I was playing in a band where the bandleader would criticize me every single day, publicly and very harshly. It was very challenging to just take it and take it. But I told myself that if he's right sometimes, and he was, in his criticism, then if I just went to work on improving those areas, then maybe I'd have a chance of getting a really good gig later on.

    I said to myself. In ten years, I won't be in this difficult situation, but the lesson I learn today, I can keep forever.

    And maybe, just maybe, Beyoncé would give me a second look when she's looking for a drummer.

    You'll be in another relationship soon and he will piss you off one sunny day. And THEN, if you simply don't take offense, then you can continue the relationship, because you may find that love is worth it.

    Does that make sense?
    Best of luck

    • Yes that makes sense! That's what I thought about my ex.. That he always had my back regardless of the silly arguments we had I thought he would always be here. But now during the breakup he said some horrible things to me and said that the more he got to know me the more he didn't like me! I have lost all sense of hope I feel useless I feel used I feel ashamed I feel embarrassed!!! He was my first love first boyfriend first for everything

    • I understand that it feels awful to be treated this way. However, you could also look at it from a different angle.

      Your guy didn't suddenly transform into a monster. What he said about loving you less as time went on, simply means that from the beginning, when he only noticed the things he loves about you, as time went on, he stopped thinking as much about those, and started focusing on traits in you he found less desirable.

      This can happen in any relationship. In fact, the successful relationships are those where both part strive to bring the best persons that they are, to the relationship AND where both parties make the effort to keep thinking about the positive aspects of one another.

      If one, or both parties sort of let it slide, pretty soon there will be discord in the relationship. It doesn't mean you or he was or is wrong. It just means one or both of you didn't keep up with what was created between you.

      He was doing the best he could and maybe you can begin to see this too.

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  • A broken heart is so painful, but it's best not to pursue revenge when you're hurting, because you only end up prolonging your hurt. The time and emotions you waste on seeking revenge could be used to help you heal.

    I'd cut all means of contact then , so I could deal with my pain to enable me to move on


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  • Just give it time and heal and let yourself fall in love again. That is always best and saves decades of suffering.

  • Get over it and don't be a creepy bitter ex.

    • I have become just that! Now it's like a rollercoaster that I can't stop! I

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    • It seems that be getting worse iv lost all passion for anything it's effected my health so much of my life! I just don't want him to do better now the thought that his succeeding and I'm falling into this dark negative depressing hole is messing me up

    • The issues is the anger and animosity that you harbor for this guy. As soon as you can let that go then you can heal and get through it. I'm not sure if this is a fresh break up but like I said you have to give it time. If posting on here and talking to people makes you feel better the keep doing that. Keep doing positive things that make you feel better. I can promise you that hurting him well not make you feel better in the long run that's just childish.

  • don't do it
    move on and find someone better
    unless there is a kid involved, then you can separate from him no issue
    usually if there's a kid involved its hard to separate completely
    especially if he cares about his child

    • There isn't a kid involved

    • okay then make a choice separate or work things out
      its up too you

      but my advice forgive no matter what whether you get back together or not

  • You will never get revenge. Looks like he tore a gaping hole in your heart. He's moved on while you are repenting. Move on and get on with your life.


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  • have sex with his new girlfriend. That'll show him!

  • Success is the only type of revenge that isn't petty lol

  • Moving on cause revenge is childish


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