Reasons he gave me for ending the relationship are completely bogus.

Well, I was just dumped this morning. Yeah, it sucks, and I'm sure you've all been there before. I've been dating the guy for almost seven months (on the 15th), so the reasons he gave me for ending the relationship are completely bogus. He kept telling me how this relationship wasn't good for me and that he didn't want to see me like that- total crap! To my knowledge, we had a perfectly healthy relationship, until now. I have this lingering feeling that he cheated on me. My friends that know him have told me that it could have happened with one particular chick- whore. Anyway, I really just want to know his real reason for dumping me.

Any advice about the general situation or something I could say to get him to tell me his real reasons would be super helpful. Thanks guys = )


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  • Well first off, I'd like to say how sorry I am for the loss. It sucks being dumped, and I bet it feels like crap. The first thing you need to do, is stop trying to find the answer for yourself, it will only hurt your more by trying to find the answer by wondering, and wondering what might have happened. Only he knows the answer.

    What you need to do for yourself, and I know it's going to be hard to do it, but it's to leave it alone for a little while. Let him think, and let him feel if what he's doing is the right thing. I've heard many stories like yours, and everyone has said to let things settle down. Then when he's had time to think about what's happened, and you've done the same, then you can come back with a cool head on your shoulders, and talk to him about what's happened. You do deserve an explanation from him, but at that time don't assume that he's cheating on you. Now if he is, then things need to change, and at that point, the relationship is in need of some long term aspects, and that's of course your choice on how to deal with that. Of course I hope that hasn't happened, and that our assumptions aren't correct.

    Anyway I hope my answer gives you some thought of what to do next. I know it's going to be hard not to get the answer right away, but it does give you time to cool down from what has just happened. You now need to do something for yourself. Take time to heal and give yourself some strength back into who you are as a person, because it's very easy to have that taken away from us, when someone else is in our lives that we thought loved us for who we are.

    I hope things get better with you... Much love

  • Its impossible to tell why he broke up with you. All we know about this guy is "bogus" reasons for breaking up with you and that he might of cheated on you. That's weird if you thought you guys had a healthy relationship then out of the blue he dumps you... :( sorry...I wouldn't worry about it to much I mean I want the person that's with me to not only want to be there but do anything to stay with me. This guy apparently doesn't even want to be there. You are a very pretty girl and will find another (hopefully better guy) very soon. That's for sure.

    Good Luck.


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