How do I talk to him to get him back?

My ex boyfriend from a few months ago, we were very much in love with each other. Right now we're both focusing on money and work.

We got in a fight a few months back. I felt that he wasn't handling the situation well and we had communication problems in which I misunderstood his intent about a minor detail I suppose, and from there we got in a fight and I said some pretty stupid things.

He said he couldn't forgive me. I doubt he has forgotten but we hung out not too long ago as 'friends'. I miss being his girlfriend. and I'd do anything to be with him. I'm just scared that I'll say the wrong thing.

What should I do? How do I get him back? Is it possible to stay friends till he realizes I really really like him? Thanks


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  • listen... what I am going to say is purely my opinion now... you can take it but don't blame me if something goes seriously wrong...

    if you want him back, apologize to him... no matter where in front of whom, you just apologize to him and do it the next time you meet him and tell him that it was completely my mistake... tell him you really like (love) him and can't live away from him... just a single fight doesn't ruin any relationship... and for me, any fight starts and it really ENDS when it ends... no continuation... so, I wish you all the best.

    • Thanks. I Hope there is a next time.I 've only just recently hung out with him and I totally forgot to say sorry! I did when he first contacted me. I don't know if he remembers, it's been a whole week now. Thanks. I hope he can look past it. :)

    • Yeah... I think... I mean I hope so... everythin will be ok... just give it a try...

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  • If you think you were wrong guess you better get ready for a big plate of crow! It would be your place to apologize to him and with a little luck this will start moving things in the right direction for you.

    Most all of us at one time or another say something we should never have spoken and the trouble is it can never be taken back, you just move forward and try to repair the damage.


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