Should I break up?

I have not been feeling the same about my girlfriend anymore we did create a strong bond when we started but recently she has been acting differently. She gets really stressed over small things for example if she tries to put a sock on and the sock won't fit she will get really really stressed about I am not even exagerating or if her phone freezes she might slam it on the wall and many other things, that kind of behaviour pisses me off. She is a big hypocrite she will get very mad if I do something yet she will do the same thing multiple times and I am not allowed to get mad about it. She is very untidy. I cook and clean everyday when i ask her to do it she will huff and do a pretty bad job like for example the meat not be cooked properly and after the washes the dishes the surface will be soaking wet when I complain about it she will say "you only asked me to do the dishes not to clean the kitchen"... really -.-. She is always, I mean always contradicting with what she says. I recently joined uni and move to a student accommodation and at my freshers week where i was supposed to have fun I had to argue with her, for the whole week we argued. While my flatmates and other people from the halls were out having fun I found my sad on my bed. Everytime we argue she calls me names and most times walks away I dont do that to her. When she drinks and blacks out she turns into a monster and says random on top of random things and expects people to take her seriously, if you laugh about the things she says.. please run. So please tell me what should I do? I haven't built up enough courage to break up with her
Should I break up?
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