He has a new girlfriend and told me he hates me, why is he contacting me?

So he and I have been together for 4 years. We have a one year old. Just the other week, he broke up with me and got a new girlfriend almost immediately. Yesterday he told me that he hates me and wants nothing to do with me and not to contact him unless it's about our son. So I haven't. But today he's been blowing me up! He just keeps trying to talk to me. When I dont respond, he gets mad. He said he loved her. I dont believe this for a second. But my question is, if he likes her so much and says he hates me, why is he still trying to talk to me?


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  • He is no doubt angry at himself, for all the choices he has made that now make his life hellish. Not seeing his son, disappointed in the new girlfriend, so he takes part of his frustration out on people closest to him.. like you, for example!

  • To make you angry, sad, emotiona and/or jealous.
    He's being really childish, just ignore him.


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