Ex opened up about feelings while drunk?

We chilled recently and to be blunt I wanted to be intimiate no strings attached. So I went to his place and his cousins happened to be there. I've never met his cousins but they said they wanted to meet me. I've never met them before cuz he wasn't ready back then but this time I was the one like huh? He confessed his feelings that night that he missed me loved me and kept asking if I loved him and how he didn't believe me (i had to convince him over and over that i really cared). Anyway next day he acted like he didn't remember. I'm fine I'm done with him cuz he's just confusing but do you guys think he is playing dumb? Your intake? I also caught him trying to go through my phone also that night. Thanks in advance.


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  • ya he playing dumb. i don't mess with girls that do this shit either. and going through your phone is buku boundary violation-unless you're cheating and you weren't. he's not a keeper, keep moving, don't look back

    • Thank you :) I told him I was done with him Friday (i was hurt) and today he didn't show up (we go to same school) so I don't know. He messed up tho and I'm walking away even goin different routes to avoid him lol or planning on it I mean. And yes him go in through my phone I'm like?

    • no problem-your gut told you what was up... always listen to your gut.

  • " I'm done with him" so why does it matter if he is playing dumb? If you still care about what he is thinking, you are not ready to move on.


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  • Sometimes feelings are hard for a man to admit. With a little influence, they will let it all out. The next day could lead to two things..
    1.. embarrassment: which is why he may be acting like he doesn't remember.
    2.. Logical thinking: booze may make him emotional and he drops his guard. When he sobers up he realizes he meant none of it. He may feel it at some form, but not enough to pursue.

    If you wanted no strings and then are bothered by this, then there's feelings of hope for this guy too.


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