How to get him back?

Me and my boyfriend of 2 years just recently broke up. I really love him and i want him back. He said he want his freedom back and is tired of my attitude. We had spent the last year together at each other's place almost everyday.

After the breakup, i've begged him to stay. He packed his stuff and left my place. I contacted him over and over again but all he does is say nasty and hurtful things to me. Sometimes he'll just ignore me. He'd said "he's happy without me, i want my freedom back i want to go to clubs at night, i've wasted a lot of time with you already. I can do nothing when i'm with you" Maybe he's saying nasty things to me to make me feel hurt.

I know that it was mostly my fault that he left, i didn't handle the situation correctly. I'm trying to improve myself everyday just for him, but he just don't see it. I can never see my future with another man other than him. I know he's the right one.

I brought his PS4 back to his house yesterday and he had a job at night so he would not be home until the next morning. He allowed me to stay over at his place and told me i had to leave the next day. He came home the next morning, woke me up, and tell me i had to leave his place by 11am. After awhile of crying i left feeling that he does not want me here.

I watched some of Matthew Hussey's videos of the no contact rule, but i'm afraid he'll start dating someone else. It's a Tuesday today and i called him up again. I asked if we could meet, outside. He said no and ended the call. I couldn't help it..

Can someone tell me how to get my ex boyfriend back? His family really likes me, so i was hoping there was still a chance..


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  • listen in his eyes this relationship is done
    there is a good chance another girl is already in the way
    breaking up was done after he had a back up girl
    ofc the women her will blame him :p


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  • Honey. He is a jerk. You don't need him. Trust me, let him go.

    Someone who says nasty hurtful things to you is not someone you should put your energy in to. Someone who breaks up with you is not someone you should give anything to other than exactly what they want - space.

    My ex broke up with me for a similar reason. We weren't compatible anyway and i wasn't happy but i couldn't break up with him cause i loved him. He would treat me badly cause his heart wasn't in it either and we tortured each other for a few years.

    It will be hard i know, but just let it go. He's not the one. Xx


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  • I think you have no chance and being so clingy turns him even more away from u

  • There's probably nothing you can do, you have to accept that.

  • Make a real effort


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