Why won't he talk to me anymore?

I met him because of a friend an we started hanging out and everything he just makes me so happy when am with him I have go to his house couple of times he just messes with me so much lol and he hugs me and once we almost kiss but somehow it didn't happen and now that supposedly my friend was going to move and I was like in my mind like man does that mean am not gonna ever see him anymore because we always hanged out only with my friend is there so it passe already almost one month that I haven't seen him and I don't know what to do because I really miss him and at the end my friend didn't move. But I don't really hang out with my friend anymore and my friend doesn't really hang out with him anymore and I have texted him and he doesn't reply back and I remember once I called private and he answer but I would just hang up and then when I don't call private he won't answer so that means he doesn't wanna talk to me anymore why thou why?


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  • truth is sometimes cold and harsh.all I can say is -MOVE ON...

    forget about him.

  • hes probally just over it and only saw you as a friend.

    or he knows you like him and he doesn't wanna tell you he's not interested so he's just cutting of everything so you can just forget about him.


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