Define 'cheating' for me please!!!!

Can you guys define cheating for me please...list things you can say is cheating..for example holding someone else's hand? having cyber sex with ure ex? having physical contact with someone.etc...i am having a debate with a couple of friends so please answer! thanks!


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  • Good question!

    I consider cheating as:

    If you do anything outside the ethos or boundary of what is expected or agreed to in a relationship. To me in my current relationship I would be cheating if I was:

    sleeping with someone else

    having cyber sex

    holding hands


    I'd probably feel bad if I was thinking about someone else, although if I didn't act on it, I wouldn't class it as cheating at all.

    If it's an open relationship, and if both people are find these things acceptable and it's agreed to then it's not cheating. Cheating is about deception.


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  • Its realtive to each individual, some might not like their partner using porn, fantasising etc, others are ok with friends with ex even if they hook up, so cheating can be physical or emotional... its whatever you define it. Some would not count oral sex as sex ie Bill Clinton, its all a mater of semantic, and how or what you define as cheating, even then you are assuming monogamy is normal, when the opposite maybe true humans might be slightly polygamous.


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  • kissing, sex

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