Am I allowed to hurt when I am the one who broke his heart?

I was with my boyfriend for six weeks. I liked him a lot to begin with and I know he liked me, he told me he loved me within the first week of being together. As time progressed I began to feel smothered and uncomfortable by/with his over affectionate nature. I also found that no matter how 'devoted' he said he was to me, he would never share his true feelings with me if he was down. The more uncomfortable I got the more I thought about ending the relationship, I finally did so when he hurt me. He told one of my closest friends that he had dumped me and he was happy I was in pain. This confused and hurt me. I forgave him but told him I couldn't be with him anymore, but we could remain friends and he accepted this. Now when I try to talk to him he ignores me. I know he is hurting, and I am the reason behind this pain. I feel like crying cause I felt hurt by him, and continuously hurt because he is ignoring me. Do I have the right to cry and feel hurt?


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  • It isn't your fault that you broke up in all honesty.

    What was he playing at saying that he finished you and that he is glad that your in pain? You just don't do that. In a way he pushed himself further away from you and did not help himself in anyway and he was obviously completey oblivious to how you felt about your relationship.

    You finished him on good grounds and it was kind of his own fault, although you would have probably ended it anyway but if he didn't act like such a jerk he might of had more of an understanding of why you felt the need to finish him.

    Of course you have the right to feel hurt! He is now playing the immature game and is completely ignoring you when he 'accepted' being friends.

    I done the same thing once, I finished a boy I was completely in love with once but I only realised I loved him when I ended it, the spark between us was not gone but he wouldn't take me back. I was hurt and I hurt him, I was the one crying and heartbroken.

    Just because you finished him does not take all your rights away of being hurt or upset.

    You can cry too but I wouldn't cry too much over him because he isn't worth your tears obviously.

    I hope everything turns out well for you and you get into a steady relationship one day.



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