Did he cheat on me?

i knew that my boyfriend had exchanged numbers with a girl from his town at a party, but he had told me that a friend had given his number to the girl and he did not have any contact with her after that.

now he missspoke and said that he had been drunk and that it was stupid of HIM to give her his number! so he was lying to my face actually all the time.

the thing that bothers me is that things weren't going well in our relationship when this happened and one day after this party he met her, he broke up with me.

now we're back again for almost 2 months.

but now I wonder, did he cheat on me at that party?:(

what do you think?


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  • yes he did, I'm sorry, I know that stings, but this boyfriend cheated on you.

  • Everytime he mets someone he wants to have sex with he will break up with you...


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