Ex and I keep hurting eachother?

Try keeping it short, me and my ex had a Long distance relationship for almost 2 months until he broke up with me in his words, for being childish. I tried working it out and he didn't which frustrated me even more and I said things I didn't mean. When we saw eachother in person for the first time we hugged even though we had gotten into it again about a week ago. He said we could be friends but started ignoring me so I left him alone and we'd walk past eachother like we were strangers. At one point I started to miss him but he was posting pictures and stuff of this other girl basically making it seem like they were together. He saw me yesterday and was staring at me when I noticed him then he came in with the girl he was posting which made my blood boil. I messaged and threatened him saying if he keep tryna be funny and try making me jealous he's going to get hurt. It was out of anger then he messaged me and we got into it again where he basically said that the girl isn't his girlfriend, they're just friends and I could ask her boyfriend, told him he hurt me and he kept saying to leave him alone, etc... Same thing he's said 20x before, then tried to say I imagined the relationship and that I'm crazy and childish and what I'm proving why I'm not worth his time then took it back and said I didn't imagine the relationship then blocked me. His actions is what makes me crazy especially trying to hurt my feelings. I feel like he still cares because all his friends know about me and we were never dating in person, he always stares at me, and he tenses up whenever I come around like he's scared of me. I'm aware of my bad behavior but I feel like he doesn't realize his and that he's just as "childish" as I am sometimes. Most times I'd rather talk it out like 2 mature people but he always say stuff to test me. Opinions? Thoughts?
Ex and I keep hurting eachother?
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