Shall I delete my ex from facebook or no?

She break up with me 9 months ago, but I'm still thinking which idea is better.
Everyday my mind is splitted into the thing to delete her up or no...
She already put the knife into my back, by starting date one of our mutual friends and I already wanna punch both of them. It really annoys me and I was thinking is it good idea to do that or not.
If I stay friend on facebook with her she might see that I'm having good life without her and regret,
If I delete her I might show her that I'm a weak person and I can't get the right decision.
Any help appreciated!
It's not a big deal at all.


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  • Delete and Move on, @DarkmanX.
    By Staying these so-called "Friends on Facebook," it is not Helping you to Heal a Big Deal. It's just Stabbing you More in your Heart from the Start, which goes Hand in Hand with your Back to Back.
    Never mind Now what She may think. Let her wonder why and What you are Doing by Not being able to see any of Your... News Feed.
    Good luck and Thanks for Sharing. xx


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  • Don't give it any thought. Don't pay attention to her profile, don't pay attention to her. The women is gone, and she is no longer anybody to you. Don't give her that power.

    • Yeah, but what the f*ck I'll have her in my friend's list since she is obviously not either a friend with me.
      She ignored me, make me jealous by doing other stuff, hurted me.
      We don't talk over there she blocked my messages.
      I just don't really no how to proceed.

    • Then toss her out the window.

    • The question is if I delete her up, will she think has overpower against me?
      We don't talk type or have any kind of communication. I just open her profile more than 10 times a day and I can't help myself because it makes me sad and agry.
      I quite envy that she is dating someone else and maybe the solution is to unfriend her.

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  • Yes, if it's the only way to give yourself a better chance of moving on.

    Giving up and deleting her on your FB doesn't mean your weak... It means you're strong enough to let her go and move on from her. It's sometimes necessary to remove all traces of someone from your life.

    • Haven't done this before, sometimes I feel okay with it, sometimes I ask myself why she is still in my friends list, when we're even not friends.

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    • Yeah it will be for better and if I be accepted for the university in UK from the next year,
      it'd be great! Thanks for helping!

    • You're welcome

      Being busy at uni will keep you focused

  • Its good to move on if you don't feel there is a friendship to be salvaged. If your angry, hurt, and not exactly communicating anyways. You should remove them because seeing things from them is going to just upset you more or keep you upset. Staying in that state you just don't move on. Maybe after not having contact for awhile you find down the road you can tolerate running into them or even acquaintanceship. But otherwise move on. If they do say something simply say the truth it is hard to watch them because you still have feelings or are still hurting from the breakup and its healthier if everyone just moves on.

    • There's no friendship, she even call me back to give some of her stuff to our mutual friend so he'll bring it to her, just not to see me directly. About my feeling yes I'm angry and hurt,
      and at some point I want revenge at some not. I'm just thinking everyday how the f*ck this happened to me and why and just cannot answer to myself.
      In the state I'm right now I see her posts with her new boyfriend and I quite get sad and angry.
      Perhaps this pulls me off from moving on and I just need to press the button and delete her up.

    • Did the split involve someone cheating, dishonesty, or over control of the relationship (whose dominant)? Then I can see it being a really irritating thing. It's best to just get away from that and try to focus on something else. If you get fixed on it, it will mess you up. It can be hard at first but you can try to wean yourself off the anger and onto something else that you can throw yourself into and take your mind off the other things.

  • you can unfollow her if you dont want to see her in your feed.

    • Already did that, just thought about complete removal.

    • haha there is no other option but to unfriend her.

    • The thing that I unfollowed her and her sister doesn't help me, my mind is looking for an answer,
      and I watch her profile more than 10times a day... This hurts me.

  • Are you really having a good life without her? Because it sounds as though you're not over her. I think deleting her would be best for helping you to move on, and meet someone better.

    • Well honestly, I'm fighting for a good life. Currently practicing some sports, dance and other stuff + work, but I still think about her, perhaps my heart is still attached and best idea is to delete her perhaps...

What Guys Said 1

  • Delete her. Why prolong the agony?

    • This is the question I used to ask myself every single day.

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