He disappeared on me and now he has a new girlfriend?

I've been seeing this guy for 6 months long distance. We would Skype and call everyday. He told me he couldn't wait for me to come home. Here's the thing, after I completed my studies I came back home only for him not to have time for me. His excuse was that he was busy with work. His calls reduced and he took time replying to my msgs. He disappeared on me for a, week and suddenly his social media was flooded with intimate pictures of him amd a new girl. He told me he wasn't ready for a serious relationship so what is this all about. He has never had pictures with other girls on fb for as long as I've known him.( I've known him for over a year). Is this his way of telling me its over? Is he too much of a coward to tell it to my face? By the way I've always paid for most of the dates and he owes me money.


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  • She was probably prettier than you. You've been rejected and replaced. It is over.


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  • I am so sorry this has happened to you! I have been through an eerily similar situation.

    I dated a guy for just over a year. He kept telling me how he never felt this way about anyone else before, and how we should think about moving in together if we are still together after a year. I thought he was the real deal. Like who even says that stuff if they are not serious about a person?

    So anyway my boyfriend at the time he was working shift work. So some days he would work during the day or at night. He was also in the middle of a house renovation, so he was very busy. Plus he also helps out with his dad's business. Anyway, we would text. But sometimes he would take a few days to text back.

    He would sometimes also cancel dates last minute saying he got called into work, or that his dad needed his help or something. There was always a reasonable explanation and I didn't want to be that annoying naggy girlfriend. So I was the nice supportive girlfriend.

    Anyway, I started to get suspicious that something was going on. But I had no evidence for the longest time. I just wanted to trust my boyfriend, and I did. But then there were just some weird things going on.

    He disappeared for a week halfway through the relationship. He told me afterwards that he was sent to the states for his factory for training. And so I believed him because I had no evidence to the contrary. I asked him a few questions of course and it seemed reasonable. He was apologetic and I felt like a jerk for making a big deal about it.

    So then he said that we should plan a trip together. I always wanted to travel (I literally have no friends to travel with). So he pushed me to rent a hotel room and I did. Well when the time came to use the hotel room, I couldn't get in contact for him for a few days. He finally messaged me and told me he couldn't go bc his buddies dad passed away and the funeral was on the Saturday that we were to go. Again, I felt like an idiot so I let it go. But I couldn't get refunded for the room (he told me this the day before we were to use the room). And he told me he'd pay me back. But he never did.

    I eventually found out he had a dating profile. I confronted him about it and he told me someone was impersonating him. This time I wasn't buying it. My friend messaged him and he agreed to meet her. I showed up instead and it was clear to me he was lying the whole time. I was so heartbroken.

    He doesn't have to tell you it's over. YOU need to tell him it's over.

    • Don't let this guy sweet talk you back into his arms. YOU need to leave him. I'm sure he was likely seeing this other lady at the same time as you. DO NOT go back to him! This guy sounds nasty, and a cheater and a liar. You deserve so much better than that!

      Kiss the money he owes you good bye too, because I doubt he'll want to pay you back now that the sex train has left the station. I wouldn't go back to him, and don't give him the time of day. That is incredibly disrespectful what he did to you. If he was unhappy he should have told you, and tried to work it out. Or broke up with you. But just starting to see a new person isn't an acceptable way to break up with someone.

      Your best revenge is to move on with your life. Hang out with your friends and don't give his jerk any of your time anymore.

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    • @_TidesOfTime_ I have no clue. I don't know her and I don't want to know her. I completely cut him out of my life as this whole ordeal I explained above was very traumatic for me.

      Plus I have no interest trying to compare myself to someone else I don't even know. It just seems like a counter productive thing to do.

    • You'll be fine. You don't need anybody. Kekekekekee!!!

  • He is a coward and probably didn't like you that much , when he found a better someone he just cheated.
    I think it's better to delete him and move on really.
    long distance relationships sucks :/


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