EX Girfriend is furious for maybe a logical reason?

My ex broke up with me after 6 months. The last 2months she was not so interested in texting or going out. Then she broke up with me (1 week ago) and told me that she wasn't sure in her feelings for me but then she decided and broke up. However today she texted me furious because one of her classmate (s) revealed a rumour that i broke up with her 'cause she was rude to me and that she was just fooling around with me ( but thats not true from my perspective). She asked me if I started the gossiping and she didn't let me even reply (she texted me via facebook). She also told me furiously that the girl (s) may like me and that's the reason. I don't know if she has some feelings for me , I would like to spend time with her even if it would be stupid after that assault and show. I need help , your advice and to read what you think about that. Sorry for my English. Thanks :) ?


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  • I think you should move on


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