Good idea or bad idea?

So there is a guy I like but I don't know if he likes me back and he knows I like him. Would it be too much to ask him online who he likes? if yes what is a good way I can figure out. If no what is the best way to ask him?


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  • Guys aren't stupid we know you are trying to set us up when you ask us a question like that. He might be embarrassed to say directly "I like you." Maybe try and get a friend to ask him?

    • I have already tries that and he didn't say a name....

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    • Have your friend ask him online. I know when I was a teenager I didn't want to announce who I had a crush on to all of my friends, and a bunch of girls. If he still doesn't tell you then he's probably never going to, and you should just ask him out if you like him that much.

    • Haha thanks......i will try something like that

  • It might work out well, if he likes you back he'll be able to say he likes you or hint that he likes you. If not then he'll at least have the opportunity to be honest about his feelings and give you a clear definition of where he stands.


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