At what point would you say that a texting relationship has gone too far when both people are involved?

She's married with kids, and he's been with someone for about 6 months (they started as good friends). The exchanges have been something like:

"What are you doing?" (boy)

"I'm snuggling and watching New Moon." (girl)

"Can I join you? :)" (boy)

"How are you?" (girl)

"I'm stressed out from all my CPA class." (boy)

"You need a vacation." (girl)

"I need a day at the beach with you." (boy)

"Don't worry. You're a smarty pants. When you're done, we'll have to celebrate in the city, just you and me. :)" (girl)

"Happy Birthday! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx - ah, to hell with the hugs." (boy)

"Hey babe, the new Meyer album is coming out. How was your weekend? Miss you!" (boy)

The comments are from a girl he dated in high school whom he recently connect with via Facebook (a few years ago). She's having trouble in her marriage and has brought up this boy's name in counseling, saying she never should have left him back then and that she should have married him instead. She also sends him a Valentine's Day card (one year it said "you own my heart" at the end of a long note that basically said how happy she was to have him in her life again) and an Easter card every year.

Innocent flirtation or inappropriate behavior?


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  • That has gone way past innocent flirtation.


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