Should I message my Ex on instagram asking her why she blocked me on Kik for no reason. Or not?

She blocked me for no reason lol. Like, she got her phone taking and texted me FIRST saying her phone got taking and she would talk to me asap. I replied saying, "okay lol. Did your school start"? She replied after a week saying. " I'm still grounded lol". I texted her asking what did she do? I never got a reply back and realized she blocked me on kik for no reason lol. But, didn't block me on instagram. Like, did she block me on kik to get my attention? Usually when I wouldn't hear from her for a few days I would start spam texting her. This time I didn't do it. So maybe she is craving for attention?


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  • No. She's your ex, who gives a fuck what she does or why?


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