Does this mean my ex has moved on and dating again?

So we go to the same school, and I saw a girl running to his car. They were at the gas station nearby. I didn't see him so I'm guessing he was inside or in the car.

Anyways so I went back to campus and we ran into each other, while talking he told me that when I had called him the people next to him heard me. He named the guy he was next to(his friend) and mentioned a girl behind him heard me too. But he never brought up her name.

Could he be mentioning this girl by accident and just telling me that she was just some girl behind him, when she is really the girl I saw in his car earlier that day? And does this mean he has moved on? It just seems like he is trying to cover up the fact he was with this girl. I'm confused because he still flirts and makes jokes and seems happy to see me.


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What Guys Said 1

  • It could mean that, and it could mean that he was hanging with some friends. He is an ex for a reason, ex's are supposed to move on. So should you, unless of course you want him back. Then you need to revisit why he's your EX!


What Girls Said 1

  • Well, I wouldn't over read into it. But it could mean that it was just a friend of his, and they were just hanging out. If you really want to know, be straight up and ask him.


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