Advice, ideas and possible clarification. Do I still keep her in mind or go my separate way completely?

Making a long story short, this isn't a question about "how to get an ex back," but I'm kinda confused about what my ex said regarding our break up. So I'll post the texts then follow up.
"I love you. There's no other guy that I'm interested in or talking to if you think that's the case cause it's not. But I feel like you really need to get a grasp on your life right now. You have a personality disorder, you're juggling school and work and sometimes you can be a lot on me and yourself. This isn't anything new. I've felt like this before we became official. But because I cared about you I was willing to help and suggest you get counseling. I'm the only one who tried to suggest you to talk to a professional and genuinely see about your well being. Remember that. But now it's not fair to me. I think we need a break. Not a week long break but us going our separate ways. We've been having discussions like these a lot and it hasn't solved anything. I still want to stay in contact with you though. I'm not saying we're done forever but in order for us to have a future you need to work on your present life. I'm not cutting you out of my life but I'm giving you the space to give your all to (my name) so you can be the man you wanna be." At the end of this long text I might come off as probably a terrible boyfriend (at the time). She made me feel guilty about my actions although it takes two people in the relationship, I didn't make an issue and bring up things she's done, just agreed with her leading to a very subtle breakup.
"Feels good to know we're on the same page instead of this becoming an argument and us hating each other like I've experienced before. If we didn't break up now, you'd probably end up losing me for good later. If I didn't want to be with you in the future I wouldn't be speaking to you right now. You'd be cut off in all forms." which followed up the end of our convo with exchanges of "I love you," and that's it. .
She believes in a future and will probably wait.
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She is looking for a "safety net."
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She's not very sure of her decision.
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Getting to the confusion. She still wants to remain in contact (although I'm not going to talk to her for a while, working on myself) while it seems she still possibly wants a future What's concrete is she doesn't want to be with me right now. That's understandable, however, there isn't really a border. I love this lady very much yet it's confusing as to if she wants to wait to see what changes happen, or if it's one of those, "if none of my dates work out and time passes, will you be there?"
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Just looking for advice, though I do plan of focusing on myself. Just don't want to ruin a possible future. I hope this makes sense. Just confusing with the "go out deprecate ways," yet remain in each other's lives. I ran out of characters...
Advice, ideas and possible clarification. Do I still keep her in mind or go my separate way completely?
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