My friend is mad because I hang out with his ex?

My best friend got mad at me all of a sudden last week because i always hang out with his ex. The thing is that a lot of his friends talk to her and hang out with her but he gets mad at me because he thinks I wanna go out with her. he's giving me the silent treatment and often says stupid things when I try to call him like I dont know you and stuff like that. He is being stupid because he gets really mad at someone and then in 3 days he's over it. But the problem is that the day before Spring Break is the day when he got mad at me out of nowhere. They broke up like 2 weeks before Spring Break and now is when he gets mad at me. I admit that I do talk to her a lot. But I also helped him a lot with her like calming her down when they fight and she wanted to break up with him a lot of times and I convinced her not to, and also I'm the one that got her over the break up in the first place, but I don't like her. The thing is that I have only known the guy for a year, and the girl for like 6 months. The guy is also pretty stupid, because he doesn't know how to handle a relationship, and he acts fake when he's around her. he's not like a wing man type cuz he's just too stupid, and I have friends who act more real and not as stupid as him. What im saying is that I would not kill to be his friend, even though he sometimes is fun to be around when he's not fake. I dont know what would happen when I go to school on Monday if he would have gotten over it after 2 weeks of being mad, but then I dont wanna feel like an idiot and not say anything to him. He is being a drama starter because he always is he doesn't know how to live life and have fun, because he has a boring mindset when it comes to social media. This is just pointing out his flaws. So I dont wanna be friends with someone whos fake. And also I am not gonna stop talking to her just because he thinks I wanna go out with her. So should I apologize to him and stop hanging out with her, or let him get over it?
My friend is mad because I hang out with his ex?
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