After break up: i'm your number one girl, but u don't wanna date me?

ok so he breaks up w my two days before my birthday while i'm out of the country, ok. ok. says we are two young& need to experience life... yeah yeah, i got the message. that's not even the part that bothers me tho... what bothers me is what he's says after. he literally has the nerve to tell me all the time i'm his number one girl still, now& forever... but he doesn't like me in anyway. hmmm then he proceeds to tell me that he knows best on what to do after the breakup& that for me its best we don't talk& just be there in each other's lives... wtf does this mean? is he still trying to hide the fact he likes me or is this just a joke?


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  • I know it hurts and that it’s extremely uncomfortable right now. You’re upset abput the breakup to start with and then this sort of patronizing advice…not what you want.

    However, if you’re familiar with the distinction between the ego and the self, or spirit as some people call it, and if you try to think in those terms here, you might see something interesting. Your ego wants information, explanations, rational and logical responses, and most of all, it wants to win.

    In this situation, the ego is furious because it’s not experiencing winning. But you don’t have to listen to it. And you’re better off this way because you’ll never get any useful information out of him. He left and now he’s acting like he knows more about you, than you. No, just leave it and focus on yourself.

    In reality, you don’t have to think about him at all. In reality, your mind is like the creator of all things. Your imagination and inspiration, if you really think aabout it, is what gets you where you’re going, and you have full control over it at all times.

    So try to apply it in a useful way. You might try to think about the time when you were both in love and what traits of his drew you to him. Or you may think about some of the best times you had together. OR think about your dog, or the next relationship you want and what you really, really want out of it.

    Let him go and focus on your brilliant mind which really created him and everything else you love.

    Does this make any sense?

    • that completely makes sense, thank you so much for that

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  • people change and love fades move on


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