I love him but he isn't good for me. How can I make it easier to move on?

He was always good to me and i love him but these recent 4 months he changed and acts like he doesn't care at all calls me names he even has hit me. This month makes it two years we've been datin but that doesn't make it any different what he did he doesn't seem to want to change I try talking to him about it but he doesn't care I always end up answering him at some point in the day. I need to get him out of my life I feel like a fool letting him disrespect me


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  • You aren't a fool, you only lack the courage and strength to let go. You can't move on until you let go. Holding on is so much more painful than letting go. You need to realise your own worth and build up the courage to finally let go of someone you can't change

    If you don't, then in time you'll start to have zero confidence and zero self-esteem, and once you're at rock bottom it'll be so much harder for you to move on.

    He may not respect you or value you as a person, so respect yourself enough to let go , so you can give yourself an opportunity to move on. Once you do that , you'll feel so less weighed down , and you can finally have your freedom back.

    We all set our own standard for how people treat us, so raise the bar and refuse to allow anyone to treat you so mean and disrespectful. Take the control away from him and cut all means of contact. Life is too short to spend it with people who intentionally hurt you... either emotionally , mentally or physically

  • I can't help you...

  • Leave and don't look back. People that love you don't hit or call you names.


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