Can't get Ex out of my mind... See look-a-likes everywhere... Anxiety?

I guess I have my ex on my mind a lot. The relationship ended. I still have feelings and never got that "closure". Things just kind of ended and she doesn't want to talk.

I keep seeing her ( not actually her) everywhere.

Driving I see a girl that looks like her... I saw someone who looks like her, and she was a passenger with a guy driving and I got really sad that she will be with someone else.

Or in public I see girls like her, and I just panic about running into her ( Anxiety) because I have no idea how that would go.

Online I see her in videos and have to make sure it's not her.

She was perfect in every way. She was nice, sweet, funny, cared about me, she was beautiful, she liked me. She was Asian too. My dream girl.

I feel like I will never fall in love with another girl, I had a chance with my dream girl. and I wasn't good enough for her.

She decided to go try being with her ex, I guess she loved him more than me.

But apparently her ex didn't want her again and broke her heart.

So, I am lost.

A part of me still loves her, even if she wants her ex.

But what can I do if she doesn't want me?

Society tells me I need more self respect and deserve someone better?

Anyhow, I have gone off topic. How do avoid thinking about her and seeing her everywhere?


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  • I've been in ur shoes before, and it took me literally one year to get over it. But what I think helped me most in that one year, is that I moved to another country for several months. Being in a totally new environment, meeting a bunch of new friends, I really did start forgetting her. Something new in ur life, is what u need.

    • We work together, I see her almost every day... We don't talk though and I can't change jobs.

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    • Take up a new hobby maybe, then you'll start seeing some other people, potentially a girl who's gonna be the new love of your life

    • I have to find a hobby, but I don't know what... it has to be social and flexible

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