Why do men who are separated eventually end up back with their wives when things are perfect. We messed up a friendship because his wife moved out?

So they were finally "seperated" and we could be together. NOT... 3 years later and he decides he needs to try to make his marriage work? Now his wife is home? I don't understand I never will all i know is I will never mess up a friendship to a "seperated" man.. I've never felt so much time waisted where is my lesson oh don't be with a man thats married I KNOW THAT I'M NOT NEW. IT WAS DIFFERENT THEN IT WASN'T. I KNEW BETTER!!!


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  • They don't, but yeah, you really should make sure they're actually divorced, otherwise you're always stuck in the middle of a shit-show.

    • thanks I don't understand what I'm going through at this point in my life I just want to move on and I feel so stuck.

    • Not sure I get the whole 'mess up a friendship' part of it. It sounds like you were friends before his wife left, then you got sexual, then she moved back so now you're stuck?
      How close is this description... before I try to make suggestions.

      If this is the case you need to consider cutting off all communication, delete all numbers and emails and move on. All you have now is heartache.

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  • Because, ultimately, getting a divorce makes people feel like failures. No man ever wants to be a failure.


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  • It's his wife he still loves her. You are not more important than his wife. I know it hurts but it's difficult for him to let go of his wife. All she has to say is let's make up he married her for a reason.

    Could you answer my question.


  • Never never never get with someone separated, going through a divorce or recently divorced, broken up etc

  • why would you even want a relationship at your age. relationships are for raising children and you're past that age.


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