Still need to hangout with ex boyfriend?

I dated this guy for a year and we were work friends for a while before that. We broke up because things weren't working out and I could see no future with him.
We still work at the same place and have the same group of work friends which means we hangout everyday. Also he has been dating someone new for 4 months and I have also started seeing someone else. My boyfriend is somewhat insecure about this situation although he trusts me but he still feels that we have residual feelings for each other.
My ex boyfriend and I have also met each other's new boyfriend/girlfriend now.
Its awkward to be around him sometimes and I do not know how to handle the situation. I love my current boyfriend and want to get married to him and I feel worried that this might turn out to be too much for him at some point of time.
What should I do?


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  • I'd offer that you just make peace with the fact that relationships are forever. Your ex will always be in your heart just because every time he crosses your mind, there he is, in spirit, in your mind.

    It's useless to try and control other people's emotions. You can't. Your heart moves like it moves. If you really, in your heart of heart, feel you want to live with your new beau, then YOU must learn to trust this.

    When you are comfortable and secure in this, people around you will be too. Your boyfriend must understand that you're interested in him, and only him, and if that were ever to change, there'd be no changing THAT, no matter what job you had.

    Imagine you find a new job and on day one you meet this amazing guy that works there. Right? You can't control those things. The only thing you can do is to be true to your heart and tell the other person to be that, too.

    Does that make sense?

    • yes it does! thanks for the input:)

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  • Get a new job and find some other friends.

    • what if those things aren't possible?

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    • well because I have been friends with these people for 5 years now. its hard to just break off friendships and the work place is good for me right now.

    • If you're not willing to change anything, then everything will stay the same. If you want your current boyfriend to feel more secure and for yourself to feel less awkward, either change jobs, stop hanging out with the ex so much as there must be a way to avoid being around him so often or leave it as it is.

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  • get a new job. whats the big deal

    • not so easy!!! so new job is the only solution?

    • well i personally wouldn't date a women in your situation. new job new friends new life really.

    • shit i dont even date women that live in their home town.

  • this is why you don't date coworkers


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