Why don't guys text back?

Okay, so I met this guy last friday and things went really well. He told my friend who introduced us that I'm "perfect" and he told me he wants to hang out again. He always does smiley faces in text. But it seems like I'm the only one who keeps the conversation going. Yesterday I wrote one word seeing if he would start up a new conversation and he texted thirty minutes later that his phone was dying. He didn't text me back till midnight? And when I didn't text him back today for like two hours, I said sorry I couldn't text in class. And he never wrote back. Is he worth my time?


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  • ok well first there are some guys that find it hard to keep a conversation going in fact most of us are not good at it insted try asking if he wants to hang out sometime. as far as if he is worth the time you might want to get to know him better you can never tell if he is the one just by what he says so he might be spontanious and a fun guy


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  • Because they are usually not that into a girl if they do it a lot. You can feel it and don't ignore that feeling cause you don't want to waste your time. If you feel like your pursuing, stop texting him. Make him winder about you and that will get him to text but doesn't mean that he is into you. Its just guys like this love the attention. He needs to show effort and you have done enough. Never pursue a man ever. So back off, give a taste of his own medicine, wait hours later or even the next day to his texts that way he knows how it feels.


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