Both great, loving guys... do I give my ex another chance or keep going with my current bf?

My ex (& first love) & I have been together for 2 years, leading up to 3.. in our first months together, I admit we were both very much unhealthily addicted & obsessed with each other, that my parents made me severe all ties with him. At the time we didn't know how long it would be for & ended up as a good solid year before they finally cut me some slack. There were girls out there chasing after him but he stayed hopeful & faithful that I'd be back, waiting around at our usual places we'd meet up. The second year was pretty rough too, he says he saw me as "perfect" & he wanted to be the same but that's why he was so afraid of opening up to me because he thought I'd be disappointed.. All I wanted was for him to trust me & to give me the chance to show him I'm always here for him & no matter what he's done that I'll always love him.. he didn't take the chances though.. My boyfriend rn, he gave me what I wanted most from my ex; the trust & connection of being able to talk openly & heart to heart with each other.. we were best friends before we started dating so I guess that's why we're just really comfortable with each other. My ex recently contacted me again after a few months have gone by & after some catching up & letting out some left over tears & anger, we're on good terms now & he seems to have opened up to me more now.. he told me he's tried getting with other girls but always changes his mind in the end cos "they're not me". He's really respectful of my relationship with my boyfriend rn, even encourages me that I did the right thing, that he had his chances & lost them.. but just sometimes he shows that he wishes I would give him one more chance. My boyfriend rn is also really respectful about the fact that I'm still not over my ex & he said to me that if I do end up choosing to go back to my ex, that he'd still be here for me and just wants me happy. I'm lost to what to do I love them both... share good and bad moments with both of them, mainly good ones...
Both great, loving guys... do I give my ex another chance or keep going with my current bf?
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