Is he still in love with me or no?

Hi so I have been with this guy for almost two years, our relationship was kind of on and off and we are together but we aren't, so our relationship right now is complicated, we just don't have the title. But anyways this guy said he didn't want to be officially together with me right now because he said he's been going through a lot and he started drinking and smoking a lot because he's really depressed right now, & he asked for some time off between us because he doesn't want to be with me while he's like that doing bad stuff and he wants to time to get better, but we still act like we're dating like we say babe, baby, I love yous, and etc. I totally understand him that he doesn't want to be officially together but I feel like he's not telling the truth because he's ALWAYS hanging out with his guy friends now and I've been trying to hangout with him this past week and he keeps blowing it off. I saw him once this week for only 30 minutes then he went back to his friends house because his friend needed his car back by a certain time apparently. He hasn't been trying to hangout with me I'm the one whose trying but he blows it off... He claims he loves me a lottttttttt and still cares for me but I believe that actions speak louder than words and he just hasn't been showing that he loves me. I called him out about how he doesn't show it and he said that he doesn't want to hang with me because he feels like he would start crying and breaking down talking to me about his depression. Today he brought up about having sex soon and he asked if we could do it Sunday & I told him I wanted to just hangout with him considering the fact I haven't seen him all week. & he did not reply to that so I unsent it on Instagram. I really just need your guys's help because I've been crying everyday over him and I don't know if he's still in love with me and I really just need advice since I don't really have friends or family members I can talk to about this. Please help me.


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  • He isn't inlove with you.

    I am sorry to break it to you but I won't sugarcoat it either. Based on your description, it honestly does not sound like a man who is in love with you. Because if he was, he'd put some effort in this relationship. To me, he is just saying these things because he knows its what you wanna hear.

    1) If a man is inlove with you, he can't get enough of you. He'd wanna be around you as much as possible.
    2) He'd commit to you and sacrifice old (bad) habits because he knows its bad for him and that he'd rather keep you than keep those old habits.
    3) He chooses to be around his friends more than you which shows where his real priorities are.
    4) He'd rather just have sex than spend time and catch up with you.

    Alll red flags, so if I were you, I'd drop him. Get a man who will treat you like a queen and you won't have to deal with guys like these ever.


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