Girls, Why girls like me as a bad boy more than a nice guy?

I was very very rude to a girl for a year BUT she kept trying to make me feel something for her. She liked the way I treated her probably. However after a period of non texting I decided to text her , she was interested , my luck. But soon I started to treat her like a princess , I forgave her everything (not serious stuff) , wasn't rude to her , cared for her and didn't want to argue with her , I said that it was my fault if she was angry just to not argue. However she told me that she lost feelings for me , now , 6months in a relationship later. I was surprised... I asked her what led to that but she didn't know why. I think that she liked the rude me better. Now she keeps seeing my instagram and snap story and gets furious if some girl likes me... Thoughts? thanks :)


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